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To use the jewelry
The product is made of high purity silver, so it is soft and may be damaged if strong force is applied to it.
Please refrain from repeatedly bending and stretching the bracelet when putting it on and taking it off, as this will also lead to breakage.
Itching or irritation may occur depending on the user's constitution.
If you experience any skin irritation, stop wearing the garment and consult a dermatologist.
Do not wear the garment during hard work, strenuous sports activities, sleeping, or when taking care of infants, as it may cause physical harm.
Do not wear in places with high temperatures (e.g. saunas) or cold temperatures (e.g. ski resorts) as it may cause burns or frostbite.
Metal accessories may contain lead.
Please be very careful when using or storing them, as they may be accidentally swallowed by children.
The product is sensitive to shocks, so please be careful not to bump or drop it.
Please handle with care as it may become entangled in clothing fibers or pet hair, which may cause unexpected harm.
Metals and dyed materials (resin, leather, etc.) may cause color migration due to water, perspiration, friction, etc. Please be careful when wearing the product with light-colored clothes.
Please note that we may not be able to accept repairs due to the condition of the product, processing techniques, or parts.
Please be aware that the color may discolor due to reactions to cosmetics, perfumes, detergents, hot springs, seawater, ultraviolet rays, etc.
Plated products tend to discolor. Please take care of them frequently to prevent discoloration.
Plated products may peel off due to bumping, dropping, bending, or abrasion.
Also, water, perspiration, etc. may wear or tarnish the plating.
Do not leave the product unattended for long periods of time.

Daily care
After use, wipe off sweat and dirt, and store in a dry place away from direct sunlight and dust.
After use, wipe carefully with a soft cloth. Wipe off sweat, sebum, cosmetics, etc. on the surface before storing.