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Zezi Tissght/Signet

  • $150.00
No. T221R019SV

Zezi Tissght" is a signet ring with a motif meaning "oval" in the language of the indigenous people of North Africa. Each of the beautiful patterns on the surface, carefully carved by hand, has its own meaning, symbolizing a thing, a story, or an allegory. The top oval part is decorated with ebony wood, giving the design an elegant presence. (Ebony wood is a kind of ebony, a famous tree distributed from Asia to Africa through India.

Material: 925 silver Country of origin: Morocco

XS :  Size 50(aprx.)
S   : 
 Size 52(aprx.)
M  :  Size 56(aprx.)
L   :  Size 60(aprx.)

Please note that each piece is handmade, so there may be slight variations in design and minor scratches. The sizes shown are only a guide.