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  • $220.00
  • $220.00
No. T192B006SV

This bracelet features the motif "Azzow," which means "wind" in the indigenous language of North Africa. The patterns on the surface are carefully carved by hand, one by one, and each pattern has its own meaning, symbolizing a thing, story, or allegory. Although it is native jewelry, the design is sophisticated and detailed, and features two windmills in the center. The design has a strong presence and is eye-catching, so it can be used as an accent for simple coordinates.

Material: 925 silver Country of origin: Morocco

Body: 152mm, inner diameter: 175mm, outer diameter: 190mm, thickness: 1mm, width (center): 21mm, width (end part): 10mm

Please note that each piece is handmade, so there may be slight variations in size and design, as well as minor flaws. The sizes shown are only a guide.